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Conflict surrounds us in the world today. If you are contemplating the end of a relationship, the emotional turmoil and stress you may be experiencing in reaching that decision and the impact on your future and the future of your family can seem overwhelming.

Geri Napuck has been practicing family law in Minnesota since 1990. Her philosophy as an attorney is that each case is different and must be viewed strategically to help meet the goals of the individual client. She provides a personalized, common sense approach to legal representation of clients focused on achieving real life solutions and when needed, vigorous representation of her clients in court.

Although Geri has solid litigation and extensive negotiation experience, she promotes the financial and emotional advantages of resolving family law cases through mediation, early neutral evaluation and through cooperative law practice. She became a registered mediator in Minnesota in 2004 and a certified Social Early Neutral Evaluator (SENE) in 2009, because she understands the importance of providing alternative methods of resolution to clients based upon creative problem solving and cooperation, not conflict.

Whatever solution is appropriate for your case, Geri offers the skills to guide you through the process. Contact Geri Napuck today to schedule a free 30 minute phone consultation. She is ready to listen and often meets with potential clients or clients outside of her office. Geri also frequently communicates with clients and exchanges documents by e-mail, limiting office visits and facilitating representation of out of state clients.

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